So, it’s 7:26 in the morning, on Valentine’s  Day 2016, and I’m fourteen minutes away from having to leave for work.

I thought today would be a good day for the first entry- not that anyone will read it, and I didn’t really think that at all, but I was feeling more motivated then usual, and that is reason enough.

Of course, we’ll see how things go once I’m home.

You see, I work at a restaurant- serves American Style Fare to American Style People, although this particular place is rather friendly, so we find ourselves catering to Trimmers, members of the GBLT and Such Community, Jefferson Staters, Tea Parties, Tea Baggers, and all the law enforcement in the county.

And it’s Valentine’s.

Nothing says romance like pancakes- just ask Deadpool.

I’m scared, I’m channeling my fear through writing. Well, I’m channeling a lot through writing. But mostly I’m afraid of what the public will do to me today- work would be great if it weren’t for all the people.

I considered making a more traditional introductory post, for the all the people Not Reading This, but I’ve done that- I’m over it. What am I going to say? I like hiking and cats? Stick around long enough and you’ll find that out on you own. What you should know is that this blog is for writing and to gather the thin fabric of what’s left of my sanity, which used to be a warm, comforting blanket in my youth, but now, if I fold it over and over and stitch the seems together, will at least make a small hanky with which I can wipe the tears and boss’s spittle from my face.

OK, two minutes.

I should go. Hopefully the grammatical errors in here aren’t horrifying, this post will be edited upon my return.

Eight Hours Later:

Well, I hope you’re happy Nevada County, you’ve killed me till I’m dead and now I don’t have the energy to  act silly and irreverent like I wanted to.

And tomorrow’s President’s Day, which for some reason the banks and schools see as reason to close. That’s ridiculous, such institutions should stay open, keeping their Business People and Children/Tall Children locked away.





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