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The Well-Intended Book Lender

I’ve got a problem, and while it’s a common one, and even enjoyable, it is, nonetheless, a problem.

Too many people give and/or lend me books.

I’m sure you’ve been there, if you are one inclined to reading and writing, you often find yourself in conversation with others who enjoy those things as well. You get excited, exchanging genres, authors, and titles you found mutual enjoyment in. Loving to read is a wonderful gift, one that only those whose minds open up to a page of well written prose would understand.

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So, it’s 7:26 in the morning, on Valentine’s  Day 2016, and I’m fourteen minutes away from having to leave for work.

I thought today would be a good day for the first entry- not that anyone will read it, and I didn’t really think that at all, but I was feeling more motivated then usual, and that is reason enough.

Of course, we’ll see how things go once I’m home.

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